Epik Escrow

A domain escrow service that doesn't hold the domain is like a bank without a vault

Epik Escrow is a premium escrow service for any domain extension supported by Epik

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Get Started Now. It's easy.

We are here 24/7 to help you get it done quickly and securely. To get started, just enter a few details about your transaction.

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We Accept

Credit Cards
Wire Transfer
Western Union

Domain Escrow In Just
Three Easy Steps

Either the Buyer or the Seller initiates a new transaction. An Epik Senior Broker is assigned to guide the parties.
The Buyer sends payment - the Seller transfers domain to Epik
Epik pushes domain to the Buyer - Releases funds to the Seller

The Procedure

In a nutshell, Epik will receive and hold funds from the Buyer, then receive and hold domain(s) from the Seller. Upon consent of both parties, Epik will deliver domain(s) to the Buyer and distribute the funds to the Seller's account.

You may want to use Epik Escrow if your transaction:

  • Requires personal broker attention
  • Involves trading domains
  • Has custom terms not covered by the Epik marketplace

Epik Escrow can handle both domains residing at Epik as well as domains registered elsewhere. All external domains must be transferred over to Epik's control as part of the escrow process.

Simple Principles

Fee Schedule

The standard escrow fee is 1.5% of the transaction amount with wire transfer payment, 2.5% of the transaction amount with major crypto payment, 5% of the transaction amount with credit card payment, and 6.5% of the transaction amount with PayPal Payment.

Domain Trades

A service in which Epik Escrow shines is Domain Trades. In any type of transaction where domains change hands in both directions, a trade is enacted. Example: Alice gives domain foo.com plus $5,000 to Bob in exchange for bar.com.

In the event that the transaction includes a Domain Trade, Epik will objectively appraise the domains involved in order to calculate the transaction total and escrow fees.

Cancellation Policy

Both parties have the right to cancel the transaction without penalties until the escrow is concluded. If the Buyer has already submitted payment, Epik will reimburse.

*In any case of cancellation that requires a reimbursement, Epik reserves the right to deduct escrow fees in addition to any other applicable penalties and fees, regardless of who requested the cancellation.


In most cases, you may achieve the same result of Epik Escrow using the Epik Marketplace. Simply transfer the domain into Epik, list it for sale and give the offer link to your Buyer. This will save you the Epik Escrow fees.

Epik Marketplace

Quesitons and Answers about
Epik Escrow Services

What currencies do you handle?

We support most major national currencies and leading crypto currencies for both sides of a transaction.

What payment methods do you handle?

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfer, bank deposit, Paypal, Crypto, Transferwise, and Western Union. For special arrangements, or split funding sources, simply contact us.

What is your wire info?

Contact our support department for detailed wire information

I am the Buyer, may I deposit funds using more than one method?

Yes. As long as you fund your account with the necessary amount, you may use as many methods as you wish.

Do you charge anything for funding my account?

No. All funding methods are free of charge. Epik actually "eats" the fees associated with payment methods in order to provide a simple and smooth experience for Buyer.

Will you publicize my transaction?

We will never publicize domain sales amounts. At Epik, your transaction is private.

I am the Seller. May I cover the domain transfer fees?

In Epik Escrow, the Buyer pays the transfer fees for all external domains. This is only logical, as domain transfers will generally add one year to the domain's expiration date, which will benefit the Buyer. If you are the Seller and want to cover such fees for your Buyer, simply transfer all domains into your Epik account before initiating the escrow process.

What is the minimum and maximum transaction amount?

There is no minimum or maximum amount but we will charge a $75 minimum escrow fee per transaction. Thus, most lower value sales are better-suited for the Epik Marketplace.


*This service is not available to residents of Idaho, Texas and Washington